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Origami Surgical Inc. announces FDA clearance for a label expansion

Madison, NJ, February 21, 2023 (Origami Surgical) -- Origami Surgical has received a new FDA clearance for the insertion and removal of our StitchKit® device. This new FDA indication allows for insertion or removal through any existing 8 mm trocar incision while the surgeon is watching the action via the laparoscope – allowing StitchKit® use even when no 12 mm trocars are in use. The simple technique involves removal of one 8mm trocar followed by direct placement (by the surgeon) of StitchKit® into the surgical field through the trocar incision. At the end of the case, the surgeon then removes StitchKit® via the retrieval string – pulling it flush to robotic trocar and removing the trocar and StitchKit® as a unit.

Read full article here.

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