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About Jacobs Management Group

Founded in 1988, Jacobs Management Group, Inc. is one of the oldest, national executive recruiting firms focused solely on the Life Sciences (Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Biotech, Diagnostics) and high-tech industries.

Why our proven process yields unparalleled results


Jacobs Management Group, Inc. is known for our high integrity recruiting process that manages the search from the initial step of gaining a full understanding of your needs for the position through to your top candidate joining your team. With our deep experience and industry knowledge, we advise you where to target exceptional candidates and how to structure the recruiting process and a compensation package to secure your #1 choice. We present you with a slate of top candidates with the goal of scheduling the five most outstanding candidates for interviews. We remain deeply involved in every stage including the offer process and help you customize your opportunity and approach to secure your ideal choice.


The combination of our rich database and experienced recruiting teams, allow us to very quickly provide you top candidates for a search. Our clients continually comment on how quickly we are able to produce an initial slate of high quality talent. By leveraging our extensive resources and team approach to recruiting, we expedite the process of connecting you with exceptional candidates.


It is our business model to build deep relationships with top industry performers which we have done for over 20 years. We know who is ready for a promotion, what they want to make a move and specific details such as where they would like to relocate to be closer to family. We begin each search in our database which has over 250,000 active candidates. We supplement our database with targeted raw recruiting based on your specific criteria within specific niche focus areas.


Jacobs Management Group, Inc. has a 30+ year history of success in the healthcare, technology and legal industries that has resulted in a strong network of relationships. Recently filled positions include roles such as VP of Sales, National Sales Manager, Regional and District Sales Manager, Sales Representative, VP of Marketing, Marketing Director, Senior Product Manager, Product Manager, Associate Product Manager, VP/Director of Quality, VP/Director of Operations, VP/Director of Sourcing, VP/Director of Supply Chain, Production Manager, Manager Supplier Quality Engineering, VP/Director of Regulatory, CIO, VP/Director of Product Development and VP of National Accounts.

Letter From The President

Have you ever been part of designing a company’s tagline? It is amazing how much thought, soul searching, and debate can go into developing such a small statement, which, in our case, ended up being six simple words. You dig deep, into the very essence of your organization, why you exist, and the value you bring to your clients. For us, we concluded that It’s more than whom we know”.


At one point, it was just “It’s who we know,” because having been in our industry for over 30 years, we have built relationships with a vast network of top players. We know where they excel, what is important to them, what’s missing in their current role that would have them want to make a move, which companies would spark their interest, and what locations would get them closer to family And because our long-term relationships have been proven over the years, they listen when we say we have an opportunity for them. This led us to our initial value proposition of being quickly able to find our clients highly desirable candidates with specific skills and industry experience.


Then, we reached out to our clients who added the “More Than “. One of the most insightful inputs we received was from a client who wrote to me, you guys “get it”. You understand my needs; you listen; your candidates are the right profile. You seek, tell the (my) story, help build my relationship with the person, and work the deal.


You help the candidate understand the opportunity and me understand the value of the candidate. This was just one of many comments that led us to add “more than” to the tagline. It’s the “more” that we do at every step, with the most important – closing each deal so our clients get their number one choice.


Because “it’s ‘more’ than who we know” we can contribute to our clients’ success by making sure the exceptional talent we introduce them to joins their organizations. We help our hiring managers become known within their organization for their ability to build extraordinarily capable teams, and we bring our candidates opportunities that will enhance their careers.


This is our continued goal – to build lasting, integrity-based relationships that take recruiting to a whole new paradigm. We take a hands-on approach, managing the entire recruiting process in the professional manner you deserve. Our priority is to secure talented industry-specific candidates by recruiting, referrals, past relationships, and our current database of over 250,000 industry leaders. And, we thrive on adding outstanding talent to our clients’ teams. We are thankful that we have over 90% repeat business from managers who were satisfied with our services and are here to earn your respect one placement at a time.


Please call us with your assignments as you find the need to build your team. I welcome your thoughts on how we can continue to build our partnership.

Cari Kraft

CEO of Jacobs Management Group, Inc.

A Team Of Industry Experts

Jacobs Management Group, Inc. brings an unparalleled depth of expertise in the marketplace. Cari Kraft, the President of Jacobs Management Group, has a rare combination of experience in healthcare recruiting and the IT industry. Recently taking the helm of Jacobs Management Group, Ms. Kraft leads our search efforts for selected startup companies, marketing, brand management, market research, business development, clinical, R&D, and technology. Prior to joining Jacobs Management Group, Ms. Kraft has held positions as a Senior Sales Executive, Director of Business Development, and Director of Marketing. She also has deep knowledge of the technology/startup fields, having been in the field through the rise of the Internet. Ms. Kraft is a University of Pennsylvania/Wharton alumnus holding a degree in economics and decision sciences.


Jacobs Management Group, Inc. is staffed with a team of passionate executive recruiters who know how to make the perfect match for our clients and ensure they are able to hire their number one choice. Many of our recruiters have grown through the ranks at Jacobs Management Group and have spent their careers in our high-integrity environment. Our recruiters have built over 20 start-up companies ranging from 15 to over 100 recruits including C-level management, mid-management, and entire teams, and completed numerous expansions. Our team provides invaluable insight and expertise in the areas of Sales, Sales Management, National Accounts, Marketing, Technology, Legal, Managed Care, Market Research, Research & Development, Clinical, Engineering, Reimbursement, Regulatory Affairs, Quality Assurance, and Supply Chain. We employ a growing number of candidate developers and researchers who incessantly seek qualified candidates for our search consultants to interview for specific searches. Our team is known for going deep into the marketplace to uncover hidden talent.

JMG 2022 Headshots_WEB Version.png

Publisher of Healthcare Sales and Marketing Magazine

Healthcare Sales & Marketing. The name says it all. The first ever e-magazine dedicated exclusively to healthcare sales & marketing professionals across all sectors. HS&M will be covering the whole industry in all its glory. Pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical devices and diagnostics. Product lifecycle, from conception to launch. Surgeon to HCP to DTC. All specialties and product types. And all of it will be informed by our main platform: who is succeeding and why, what is impacting the industry, and how sales and marketing work individually and together to strategize, communicate and move that success line on the graph. No exceptions, no exclusions.

HS&M will highlight major movers in the industry, spotlight cutting-edge companies, feature visionary thinking and acting, and provide a wealth of digital material: links, graphics, video, whatever enhances and informs the basic content and keeps you up-to-the-minute.

To do that, we’ve assembled an editorial board and team of contributors who are leaders – people who know your territory and live your lives. We are proud to include Kristen Sharron-Albright, Head of Marketing at Noven Pharmaceuticals, Chris Bergstrom, Chief Strategy & Commercial Officer at WellDoc, Sebby Borriello, VP of Sales & Marketing at Mentor Worldwide LLC, Lewis Chapman, VP of Global Marketing at BioMarin, Nick Gurreri, formerly Senior VP at Insmed Inc., and Bob Roda, VP and General Manager at BD as our founding editorial board members.

HS&M was created by a joint venture between Jacobs Management Group (a seasoned healthcare recruiting organization), The Healthcare Sales & Marketing Network® (the leading website for healthcare sales & marketing professionals), healthcare industry experts, and a 25-year custom publishing industry veteran, bringing the best of all worlds together to actively discuss our changing industry.

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