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Permanent Search

Whether you are looking for your next top executive, team leader, or individual contributor, we have your back. Our permanent search division specializes in bringing our clients highly specialized talent to achieve success in your organization for years to come. 

Permanent Search Models

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Contingency Search

The Contingency search engagement structure provides our clients the benefit of our years of experience and access to our rich network of candidates. Contingency searches can be exclusive or non-exclusive at the discretion of the client. The engagement structure for a contingency search requires no up-front fee thusallowing our clients to see candidate resumes before incurring any cost. Contingency searches employ our methodology honed by over 22 years in recruiting which is driven by identifying targeted candidates that meet our client’s specific needs and driving the process to close. This is organized into the following three key steps: Define, Target and Close.

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Co-Tained Search

Co-tained search is a hybrid engagement structure developed by Jacob Management Group to allow our clients to increase the priority of their position. This engagement structure is used for mid-level searches which require a high degree of urgency. The co-tainer secures the search priority at the same level as a retained search. Co-tained searches are exclusive and fees are due in two installments, an up-front non-refundable co-tainer, with the remaining fee due upon candidate start.


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Retained Search

Retained search is usually the preferred search method for Senior Executive Level searches. This engagement structure signals a deep level of commitment that allows us to provide you with an enhanced level of services & candidate evaluation. Retained searches also garner stronger attention from senior-level executives, many of whom will only consider retained searches, because they know the company is serious & focused. Additionally, because of your clear commitment, these exclusive searches are given priority status both in time and team assignment.

Why use a recruiting firm?

Hand-Picked Talent

Our strategic approach to sourcing is backed by AI driven targeting, hand vetting, and real-world analytics and insight.  No stone goes un-turned as we precisely align the expertise you are looking for with backgrounds from our network. 

Access Competitive Candidates

With a industry specific talent pool and a comprehensive understanding of the market landscape, including what is going on with your closest competitors, we have instant access to key talent to make an immediate impact in your organization. 

Speed and Specificity

Don't wait in the queue of open reqs.  Our recruiting teams are on stand-by to start your search and bring you the talent you need in weeks not months.

Our proven process yields exceptional results. 

Step 2

"Manage the Close"

Once the client decides to hire, that is where our job really begins, we stay extremely close in this process to ensure that your top choice is a "yes".

Step 1

Market Analysis

The first step to kicking off a specialized search is to understand the market, complete a competitive landscape and talent analysis, and understand where and how to attract the best of the best.


Spearheaded by the division leader, our team will systematically source and screens highly target candidates to understand how their career objectives align with the opportunity and ensure their background meets the desired qualifications.

Step 3

Candidate Presentation and Strategy Call

Within 10-14 days, the top screened and pre-qualified candidates will be presented for an opportunity along with an analysis of their background as it relates to the particular nuances of the role.  We will work closely with the client to quickly assess the most interesting candidates, and set a strategy to help manage the interview process to ensure candidate retention.

Step 4

Candidate Presentation

Our team will facilitate the interview process scheduling interviews, assessing interest levels, and providing insight into managing the process to meet both the candidate and client's expectations.

Step 5

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