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Contract Consulting and Staffing

Whether you are looking for an interim executive, a consultant to lead a project, or simply need reinforcements without adding headcount, we have your back.  Our contract consulting and staffing division specializes in bringing our clients highly targeted expertise without the overhead and risk of a full time hire. 

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Popular Engagement Models

Business Person

Due Diligence

We strategically source, vet, and engage industry experts to help our clients assess new/adjacent markets, acquisitions, and initiatives. 

Sign Language

Targeted Projects

We provide on-demand access to consultants who supplement internal expertise to run projects, implement processes, and stand-up new initiatives

Robotics Engineers


We provide access to targeted reinforcements when headcount is constrained, hiring does not make sense, or full time effort is not necessarily required.

Benefits of Contract Consulting and Staffing

Highly Specialized Talent

Our strategic approach to expert sourcing is backed by AI driven targeting, hand vetting, and real-world analytics and insight.  No stone goes un-turned as we precisely align the expertise you are looking for with backgrounds from our network.  Not to mention how transparent and seamless it is to engage with the expert you select...

Single Seamless Source of Expertise

With a focus across the industry, we are a single hub for all expertise driven needs.  All of our consultations are under a single agreement, making it seamless to "turn-on" and "turn-off" expertise as needed. 

Risk and Compliance Mitigation

Meet stringent compliance deadlines by seamlessly onboarding, managing, and offloading contractors with all the benefits without the risk.

Proven Process

Exceptional Results

Step 2

"Manage the Close"

Once the client decides to hire, that is where our job really begins, we stay extremely close in this process to ensure that your top choice is a "yes".

Step 1

Market Analysis

The first step to kicking off a specialized search is to understand the market, complete a competitive landscape and talent analysis, and understand where and how to attract the best of the best.


Spearheaded by the division leader, our team will systematically source and screens highly target candidates to understand how their career objectives align with the opportunity and ensure their background meets the desired qualifications.

Step 3

Candidate Presentation and Strategy Call

Within 10-14 days, the top screened and pre-qualified candidates will be presented for an opportunity along with an analysis of their background as it relates to the particular nuances of the role.  We will work closely with the client to quickly assess the most interesting candidates, and set a strategy to help manage the interview process to ensure candidate retention.

Step 4

Candidate Presentation

Our team will facilitate the interview process scheduling interviews, assessing interest levels, and providing insight into managing the process to meet both the candidate and client's expectations.

Step 5

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