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Takeda, Sanofi Genzyme, GSK, UCB Pharma, Teva Receive Reuters Events Awards for 2020

In December, Reuters held a virtual event in which they recognized companies from all over the industry for breakthroughs that will advance many areas of scientific inquiry.

Their headline sponsor for the event was Medullan, whose CEO Ahmed Albaiti, said, “We are a passionate team of people focused on innovation at the nexus of technology, medicine, and the human condition. We celebrate a human-centered culture that gives voice to patients and their care providers, so those programs can be held accountable to those voices and needs. We were absolutely delighted to support this year’s awards program, which recognized individuals and groups who are committed and relentlessly passionate about elevating patient voices, perspectives and needs into everything they do.”

You can see the full video of the presentations at the links provided. Here’s a summary:

Global Health Pioneer

Finalists: AstraZeneca, Takeda, Medicines 360, Novartis & PTC Therapeutics, Boehringer Ingelheim

Winner: Judith Kinley, Senior Scientific Director, Oncology, for Takeda’s R&D Capacity Building Program

Patient Champion Award: Pharma

Finalists: Novartis, Takeda & Genentech

Winner: Dr. Susanne Weissbäecker, Global Head of Access to Medicines, Takeda

Most Valuable Collaboration

Finalists: Takeda, Biogen, Servier, AstraZeneca, ACTO

Winner: Dr. Susanne Weissbäecker , Global Head of Access to Medicines, Takeda, for Bluepring for Innovative Healthcare Access

Patient Champion Award: Patient Advocate

Finalists: Mike Wenger of Trialscope; Jennifer McNary, Rare Disease Advocate; Lilly Stairs of Patient Authentic; Beverly Vote, Publisher of Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine; Keri Yale of Patient Affairs and Engagement

Winner: Mike Wenger, Trialscope

Most Promising Agile Transformation

Finalists: GSK, Pfizer, Novartis, Boehringer Ingelheim

Winners: Sonal Bhatia, VP, North America Medical Lead, Rare Disease, and Younos Abdulsattar, US Vyndagel Medical Team Lead, Pfizer, Use of AI/ML to Develop Approaches to Help Identify Patients at Risk for ATTR-CM

Most Valuable Education Initiative

Finalists: Sanofi Genzyme, PTC Therapeutics, BioDelivery Sciences, Pfizer, Astellas, Regeneron

Winner: Paul Rowe, VP, Head of Global Medical, Immunology, Sanofi Genzyme for the Advent Program

Most Valuable Awareness Initiative

Finalists: Merck Oncology, Horizon Therapeutics, Athenex Oncology and Astellas

Winner: Michelle Rivas, Senior Manager, Product Communications, Horizon Therapeutics, for #Rareis Uplifting the Rare Disease Community

Most Valuable Data and Insights Initiative

Finalists: AstraZeneca, Novartis, UCB

Winner: Anita Moser, Head of Analytics and Insights, UCB, for UCB Engages with Physicians to Meet Patients’ Needs Through Dynamic Targeting

Most Valuable Service or Digital Therapy

Finalists: EY, MediFind, Cecelia Health, GSK, PRA Health Sciences

Winner: Rachel Levin, Senior Global Multi-Channel Marketing Manager, GSK , for MyVaccinationHub

Entrepreneur Award: Patient Solution

Finalists: Annexus Health, One Three Biotech, Biolab Sciences, Chronically Simple, PRA Health Sciences

Winner: Bob Maguire, Founder, President & CEO, Biolab Sciences, for Re-Imagining Wound Care with the Patient’s Own DNA

Entrepreneur Award: Health Solution

Finalists: One Three Biotech, Annexus Health, Single Care, Biolab Sciences, BioSensics

Winner: Bradley Pryde, Co-founder and COO, One Three Biotech, for Re-Designing Drug Discovery Through Biology-Driven AI

Most Valuable Breakthrough/Discovery

Finalists: Theranica, Ionis, Horizon, Teva

Winner: Keven Gessner, Vice President Respiratory, Teva, for Program Digihaler

Most Valuable Healthcare/HCP Initiative

Finalists: GSK, Galderma, W2O Group

Winner: Paul O’Grady, Global Oncology Scientific Communications and Strategy Head, GSK, for Pivoting to Virtual Medical Education in Oncology During Covid-19


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