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Executive Spotlights

Live World

LiveWorld is a digital agency specializing in social media delivering healthcare marketing and customer service solutions that help companies build stronger patient and healthcare provider relationships. We provide consulting, strategy, and creative along with human agents, conversation management software, and chatbots for digital campaigns and social media programs. Our clients include AbbVie, AstraZeneca, BMS, Pfizer and Zoetis among others.

Address:2105 S Bascom Ave Suite #159,Campbell CA, 95008

Phone Number: 800-301-9507


Peter Friedman Founder, Chairman & CEO

Jenna Woodul , Co-Founder

David Houston, CFO

Martin Bishop, VP of Client Services

New Business Contact:

Jason Liebowitz, VP Sales

(347) 276-2644

Year Founded: 1996

Parent Company: LiveWorld

Areas of Expertise:

LiveWorld provides a full range of services and software that help pharma brands build and operate effective, compliant social media programs that positively impact business goals and patient outcomes. LiveWorld guides and enables branded conversations that create emotional connections with customers, resulting in action, sales and advocacy. We help our clients gain share of mind and heart through social media engagement across digital marketing, sales and online customer care.


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