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Executive Spotlights

Rosa Market Modeling

Rosa Market Modeling is focused on quantifying the potential demand for pipeline products in the pharmaceutical and medical diagnostics industries. We accomplish this by conducting online surveys with relevant physicians to identify what product attributes will drive prescriber preference for a new treatment and how your product’s potential range of performance on these attributes will compare to its competitors at launch and to anticipated new competitors in the future. Our clients use the results from Rosa Market Modeling studies to inform internal discussions about the commercialization of the treatment based on estimated demand given various scenarios and product design decisions.

Areas of expertise:

Market Models Demand Forecasts Market Research

Company Headquarters: 774 Stone Lane, Palo Alto, CA, 94303, United States

Executive Leadership:

Ron Beaver, CEO

Matt Marano, CCO

Rob Singer, Principal, Rosa Market Modeling

Parent Company: Rosa & Co.

Year Founded: 01-Jan-2002

New Business Contact: Rob Singer



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