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LiquidSMARTS℠, a Global Professional Services and Technology Company, has focused its practice reducing miscommunication, misalignment of resources, and dis-coordination of action in periods of rapid change. Avoiding these issues increases engagement and sales volume.

We help people, teams and companies become more relevant in their communications through training, development, and consulting services and technology solutions. Dedicated to the Life Science and Healthcare industry we have over 150 collective years experience in all aspects of the business development, marketing, sales, sales operation functions. We integrate behavioral sciences and psychology into our learning to drive meaningful and lasting development for people to deliver better results. We specialize in virtual and distance learning including video based micro learning

Address: Apison, Tennessee

Phone Number: (317) 459-4660


Gunter Wessels, Ph.D, MBA – Co-Founder, Practice General Manager Brent Farmer – Co-Founder and Chief Executive Ed Staten – Partner, Head of Sales Enablement Pete Van Overwalle – Partner, Head of Marketing Bryan Woodyard – Partner, Head of Client Success & Technology Rich Hockins, M.S., M.B.A. – Head of Commercialization Practice John Hardesky – Head of Commercialization Services

New Business Contact Pete van Overwalle 317-459-4660

What’s New

Introduction of the Corporate Accounts Master Series – a comprehensive training and development program for experienced Strategic Account sales professionals in Life Sciences and Healthcare.


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