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inStep Health

InStep Health is a continuum of connections. We place Rx, OTC, and CPG brands at the center of care, wherever consumers go. Designed for the individual experience (iX), our platform reaches patients when they interact with healthcare providers or pharmacists, reaches healthcare providers and pharmacists so they’re up to date on the best possible solutions for their patients, and uses best-in-class data insights and technology to focus when and where your messages will have the most impact.

Website: http://www.InStepHealthMedia.comPhone800-783-7171

Kathleen Bonetti Executive Vice President, Marketing kathleen.bonetti@instephealthmedia.com Office: (847) 879-6036 Cell: (847) 971-4106 Michael Byrnes Executive Vice President, Sales michael.byrnes@instephealthmedia.com Office: (610) 431-7606 Cell: (856) 577-6388

Jeff Garshon

Vice President – Health Care Provider Services jeff.garshon@instephealthmedia.com Office: (877) 244-9911 Cell: (614) 563-6263

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