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Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Biotechnology

Our year-end present to you: culled from our Top 50 lists of the top pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies, here are the Top 100 of the entire industry, as gauged by their 2019 revenue. The biggest move was Takeda, which jumped 18 spots to claim the #10 position. We also had a few new entries: #69, Yunnan Baiyao Group; #70, Menarini; #77, Sino Biopharma in China; #95, Align in California; and #100, Jazz Pharma in Ireland. As in previous years, the Top 10 is comprised of predominantly pharmaceutical players, with the exception of Medtronic, which remained at #9.

The overall revenue of the Top 100 increased, with 79% seeing an uptick from last year. There was a lot of fluctuation and changing of position, with 54 moving up, 37 moving down, four staying the same, and five new to the list. The Top 100 Healthcare Companies’ overall revenue total was $1.311 trillion USD. The Top 100 overall revenue grew by 4% from 2018.

Companies are ranked by their 2019 revenue as furnished by their an­nual reports and publicly available sources, Edgar and Morningstar stock information websites (figures of non-U.S. companies were con­verted to U.S. dollars from various currencies using end of the year exchange rates for 2018). Companies are categorized by their predominant revenue source and their own characterization per pub­licly available sources.

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