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Industry Davids vs. Goliaths

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Terry Bromley, a top Crawford exec, talks about the secrets of how smaller companies can take on the big guys successfully. Healthcare Sales & Marketing February/March 2017

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Why are Docs Consulting Wikipedia?

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Pfizer, GSK, Allergan and others have collaborated to help physicians access information better and faster, from the most reliable sources.  A new effort to enhance doctor/industry communication Healthcare Sales & Marketing February/March 2017

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The Future of the Medtech Sector

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Like the rest of the industry, it has its challenges. This EvaluateMedTech World Preview is a window into the trends, growth, leaders, mergers and more.  Healthcare Sales & Marketing February/March 2017

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Let’s Finally Define Patient Centricity

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Okay, we kick around the term all the time. But do we all agree on what it means? An international survey reveals insights, beliefs, best practices and a path forward on this vital topic.  Healthcare Sales & Marketing February/March 2017

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What Our Clients Say

Jacobs Management Group was wonderful to work with and instrumental in helping me secure a new position. I recommend contacting Jacobs Management Group if you are looking to take the next step in your career.

Top Medical Device Marketing Manager

( Medical Device )

I first became acquainted with JMG when they contacted me to recruit me for a search they were conducting. Having worked with recruiters on both sides, either being recruited or recruiting for the companies I worked for I knew immediately that they were someone special. They are professional, honest, thorough and extremely knowledgeable of the segment they are recruiting for and always consider the needs of their clients. They wanted the match to work for everyone and their follow up was always prompt. I highly recommend Jacobs Management Group and hope to work with them again in the future.

Healthcare Manager

( Healthcare )

Jacobs Management Group is exceptionally professional and took great diligence in assessing our staffing and/or project delivery needs. They work hard to understand the details of any assignment they undertake, and maintain a network of highly effective talent that can be called upon when necessary. I find Jacobs Management Group solid, seasoned professionals to work.

Healthcare Director

( Healthcare )

Jacobs Management Group is a phenomenal recruiting company to work with. They are extremely intuitive and have a “knack” for understanding both the people and process side of a business situation. They are gifted at recognizing what needs to be done and both how and who to best bring to the table to achieve maximum results.

Pharmaceutical Marketing Manager

( Pharmaceutical )

Jacobs Management Group, Inc. built out my entire team with exceptional talent in record time.

CEO, Healthcare Startup

( Healthcare )