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Executive Spotlights

Rare Expertise

Marketing rare disease brands is different than it is for classic biopharma products. They require a deeper understanding, connection and commitment to the many varied stakeholders impacted by these diseases.

At Rare Expertise we know how to communicate the value these highly specialized treatments deliver to help ensure the many stakeholders impacted by each disease develop a relationship with your brand.

Rare Pathways ™ is our system to identify the best approach (or approaches) to solve the patient identification and activation challenge. We use our proprietary algorithms and extensive rare disease experience to assemble a custom-tailored plan inclusive of stakeholder matrix, behavioral objectives, strategic framework, tactical approaches, funding levels and ROI assessments.

With this information clients are in a position to maximize their patient identification efforts, focusing their resources on the approaches that offer the most promise.

Offices in San Diego , New Jersey and Florida


5780 Brittany Forrest, Suite 1000

San Diego, CA 92130

Phone Number:

(858) 775-4273


Jack Davis- Founding Partner

Jeff Sweeney- Founding Partner

New Business Contact:

Jeff Sweeney

(858) 775-4273

Year Founded: 2016

Service Focus: Identifying and activating people with rare disorders

Areas of Expertise:

Extensive rare disease experience . Patient identification and activation, HCP and patient education, online influencer networks, a database of rare disease patient journeys.


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