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Executive Spotlights


COTA was founded in 2011 by doctors, engineers, and data scientists to create clarity from fragmented and often-inaccessible real world data. By using our proprietary technology, advanced analytics and deep expertise to organize complex data, we provide a comprehensive picture of cancer that can be used to advance care and research. ‍We believe that everyone touched by cancer deserves a clear path to care. Together, we can make that vision a reality.

Address: 101 Arch Street 15th Floor Boston, MA 02110

Phone Number: 866-648-3833


Mike Doyle — President & Chief Executive Officer • CK Wang, M.D— Chief Medical officer • Nadine Peters — Chief Legal Officer • Bernard Chien — Chief Technology Officer • Vivek Kumar — Senior Vice President, Operations and Delivery

Year Founded: 2011

Areas of Expertise: Cancer care, real-world evidence, real-world data, precision medicine, oncology, technology.

What’s New: COTA recently won the Health Tech Challenge at the eyeforpharma conference in Philadelphia! Our senior medical director, Dr. C.K. Wang discussed how real-world evidence can answer key questions in cancer care. COTA has some exciting news coming down the pipeline, so be sure to check back on our social pages for updates and news announcements including a brand new website!


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