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Pharmaceutical Recruiter

Jacobs Management Group,Inc. Provides...

Specialty Focus.

Founded in 1988, Jacobs Management Group, Inc. is one of the oldest, national executive recruiting firms focused solely on the healthcare (pharmaceutical, medical device, biotech) and high-tech industries.

End-to-End High Integrity Recruiting Process.

Jacobs Management Group, Inc. is known for our high integrity recruiting process that manages the search from the initial step of gaining a full understanding of your needs for the position through to your top candidate joining your team. With our deep experience and industry knowledge, we advise you where to target exceptional candidates and how to structure the recruiting process and a compensation package to secure your #1 choice. We present you with a slate of top candidates with the goal of scheduling the five most outstanding candidates for interviews. We remain deeply involved in every stage including the offer process, and help you customize your opportunity and approach to secure your ideal choice.

Extensive Relationships, Expansive Database.

It is our business model to build deep relationships with top industry performers which we have done for over 20 years. We know who is ready for a promotion, what they want to make a move, and specific details such as where they would like to relocate to be closer to family. We begin each search in our database which has over 250,000 active candidates. We supplement our database with targeted raw recruiting based on your specific criteria within specific niche focus areas.

Speed and Quality.

The combination of our rich database and experienced recruiting teams, allow us to very quickly provide you top candidates for a search. Our clients continually comment on how quickly we are able to produce an initial slate of high quality talent. By leveraging our extensive resources and team approach to recruiting, we expedite the process of connecting you with exceptional candidates.

History of Satisfaction.

Jacobs Management Group, Inc. has a 20+ year history of success in the healthcare, technology and legal industries that has resulted in a strong network of relationships. Recently filled positions include roles such as VP of Sales, National Sales Manager, Regional and District Sales Manager, Sales Representative, VP of Marketing, Marketing Director, Senior Product Manager, Product Manager, Associate Product Manager, VP/Director of Quality, VP/Director of Operations, VP/Director of Sourcing, VP/Director of Supply Chain, Production Manager, Manager Supplier Quality Engineering, VP/Director of Regulatory, CIO, VP/Director of IT, E-Learning, Lawyer, and VP of National Accounts.

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