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Gamma’s CEO Phil Croxford’s “Turnaround Toolbox”

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Commercial Turnarounds! Hear from Gamma’s CEO Phil Croxford on how he drives commercial turnarounds.  Read the full story here!

Healthcare Sales & Marketing May/June 2016

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Top 50 Pharmaceutical Companies

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Top 50 Pharma Companies Mergers and Acquisitions were again the story of 2015 with over 160 deals announced (not all are completed) in 2015, as compared with 137 in 2014. See who moved up, who moved down and how the Top 50 Pharma companies stack up in terms of revenue.  Get your copy here!

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Customer Service in Life Sciences

5 Steps to an Optimal Customer Experience

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When it comes to marketing, the life sciences industry has a lot to learn from the practices followed in consumer goods, retail or financial services.

Read the full article on optimal customer experience by Simone Bailey, Director, GTM Strategy, IMS North America, Technology and Applications in Healthcare Sales & Marketing Magazine.

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Jacobs Management Group

Leading Indicators for 2013

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2013 started off as a year of uncertainty – will we fall over the fiscal cliff? Will Obamacare really happen? Can the economy continue its recovery? What does that mean to our industry? What is the real impact of the 2.3% medical device tax? Have we really worked our way through the patent cliffs? How will the pharmaceutical excise tax of 2014 be received? As I watched the Dow hit new highs, I wondered how long it would last. In the executive recruiting field, it is critical to know the trends – who is growing, who is shrinking, and who is even doing both at the same time? So each year I comb through the research, formulate my opinion on the industry, and identify the key indicators I will watch. This year there are six:

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