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Retained search is usually the preferred search method for Senior Executive Level searches.  This engagement structure signals a deep level of commitment that allows us to provide you with an enhanced level of services and candidate evaluation.  Retained searches also garner stronger attention from senior level executives, many of whom will only consider retained searches, because they know the company is serious and focused.  Additionally, because of your clear commitment, these exclusive searches are given priority status both in time and team assignment.

Jacobs Management Group, provides an enhanced level of evaluation services for our Retained engagements.  We begin with an in person position review including interviews with key personal.  A detailed questionnaire is defined and each candidate is vetted over a three-step initial interview process.  An initial candidate slate is developed complete with a comprehensive profile for each of the top candidates.  After review and selection of the top three candidates, each candidate undergoes a 4-part assessment on which includes: Preferred Work style, Workplace Motivators, Emotional Intelligence, Natural Talent to provide an even deeper insight.  The assessment provides deep insight into intrinsic talents and skills, and combines with the comprehensive profile.  This assessment can be taken forward and used in the on-boarding process for the final candidate.

Retained searches are conducted on guaranteed fee basis.  Fees for retained searches are due in three installments, upon initiation, candidate presentation, and final interviews and include expense reimbursement throughout the process.

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