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Jacobs Management GroupLetter from the President…

Have you ever been part of designing a company’s tagline?  It is amazing how much thought, soul searching, and debate can go into developing a such a small statement which in our case, ended up being six simple words.  You dig deep, to the very essence of your organization, why you exist, and the value you bring to your clients.  For us, we concluded that “It’s more than who we know”.

At one point, it was just “It’s who we know” because having been in our industry for over 20 years, we have built relationships with a vast network of top players.  We know where they excel, what is important to them, what’s missing in their current role that would have them want to make a move, which companies would spark their interest, and what locations would get them closer to family.  And because these long-term relationships have been proven over the years, they listen when we say we have an opportunity for them. This led us to our initial value proposition of being quickly able find our clients highly desirable candidates with specific skills and industry experience.

Then, we reached out to our clients who added the “More Than“.  One of the most insightful inputs we received was from a client who wrote “To me, you guys ‘get it’. You understand my needs; you listen; your candidates are the right profile. You seek, tell the (my) story, help build my relationship with the person, and work the deal.  You help the candidate understand the opportunity and me understand the value of the candidate”.  This was just one of many comments that led us to adding “more than” into the tagline.   It’s the “more” that we do at every step, with the most important – closing each deal so our clients’ get their number one choice.

Because “it’s ‘more’ than who we know” we can contribute our clients’ success by making sure the exceptional talent we introduce them to joins their organizations.  We help our hiring managers become known within their organization for their ability to build extraordinary capable teams, and we bring our candidates opportunities that will enhance their careers.

This is our continued goal – to build lasting, integrity based relationships that take recruiting to a whole new paradigm.  We will continue with our hands-on approach, managing the entire recruiting process in the professional manner you deserve.  Our priority will be to secure talented industry specific candidates by recruiting, referrals, past relationships and our current database of over 250,000 industry leaders.  And, we will thrive on adding outstanding talent to our clients’ teams.  We are thankful that we have over 90% repeat business from managers who were satisfied with our services and are here to earn your respect one placement at a time.

Please call us with your assignments as you find the need to build your team.  I welcome your thoughts on how we can continue to build our partnership.

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