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Jacobs Management Group Expansion

You get teams of top performers where you want them. We take care of the details.

Having been through our share of them, we know that expansions are a crazy time that need an added level of coordination to support the massive effort involved.  Jacobs Management Group has developed a customized approach for expansions. Because of the volume and timing involved in an expansion, we have an extra level of services to organize and drive the process which include:

  • Creating standard decision matrices to support consistency throughout the process.
  • Producing a weekly consolidated search update to provide a single view into the status of each position with a clear candidate and activity status.
  • Establishing and managing an issue management process to address the numerous problems that arise.

We tailor the expansion process based on the number of people you will be hiring, your launch schedule and interview logistics. We manage the complete process from the initial screening through to the start date, including the management of outside contractors if needed. Engagement structures for expansions are crafted for each project.

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