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Seven Steps To Winning The War on Talent

As a Hiring Manager you are evaluated based on your ability to attract and land the top talent that exists in your industry. Regardless of what employment statistics tell us or what economic factors and trends we experience. The bottom line is that there is an ongoing and never relenting challenge for Hiring Managers to make a conscious effort to evaluate and improve their recruiting platform and attraction strategy.

This report will share with you some top techniques and best practices to ensure you have a comprehensive and robust strategy to win the war on talent for your organization.

Organizational Leadership

One of the most noted leadership examples is James Burke’s handling of the Tylenol scare in 1982. Many credit Burke as setting the standard against which leadership is measured in a time of crisis. I find it interesting that Burke credits the process J&J went through in creating its credo as the key to successfully handling the situation. Click “Read More” for more details…

Hiring Success from Odd Places

Do you know those hiring managers who consistently bring-in star employees that you never thought would be successful?

Four Suggestions To Keep Your Top Candidates Engaged

How many candidates have you lost in the interview process? What can you do keep their attention so your top candidates stay engaged? Click “Read More” for four simple suggestions…

21 Tactics for Better Sales Coaching

When you give suggestions to salespeople, you’re trying to help them improve their performance and boost their sales.

Keeping Top Talent

You know the struggle; resumes are still plentiful but the high in-demand, blue chip candidates who don’t over-promise and under-deliver are most certainly a scarce commodity. According to Loren Gray of the Harvard Review, “Lingering worries about whether the recession is really over have combined with long-term changes in the structure of the economy to confound business leaders … Economists say the recession is over, but that doesn’t mesh with companies’ front line experience.” The penalties for under-performance are greater than ever!

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