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5 Keys to Tuning Up Your Resume

Whether you like it or not, your resume is a critical component of most hiring processes. It is used to screen whether you will be considered and is the document that everyone who interviews you will have to read. As someone who has been in the industry and seen thousands of resume, I have identified 5 keys to having this document help not hurt.

5 Steps for Getting in the Zone for an Interview

Just like athletes warm up and practice before a big game, you should do the same before an interview. An interview is your place to shine, to tell your story, to show your personality, and demonstrate why you are the top candidate for a position.

Make a Difference

One of our valued clients, Louis Archibeck, suggested the following idea that costs nothing and makes a big difference. Since he travels over 100,000 miles a year, he asks for upgrades to first class. When there is a soldier going or coming from duty, he offers that person his first class seat.

What are the Shared Qualities of Top Sellers?

The Harvard Business School did a study to determine the common characteristics of top salespeople. The evidence they found is clear that most people can be top sellers if they are willing to study, concentrate, and focus on their performance.

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